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Affirm Counselling Counselling & Psychotherapy in Brighton (Seven Dials) & Hove

'I never felt judged'

"Having had therapy in the past I never felt able to explore issues. I found Fran very open and made me feel at ease. I never felt judged. I have a tool box now to help me and it has changed my life completely." [Ms C. August 2017]

'Focuses me on the issues'

"I have had counselling from Fran for some time to deal with some very difficult situations both in the present and past. I have found Fran to be empathetic, focuses me on issues , listens and encouraged me to grow as a person . She has gone the extra mile while maintaining boundaries. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fran to people if they are serious in changing their life. " [Mr J. June 2016]

'I always felt safe and secure with Fran'

"I felt listened to and supported throughout. What made a massive difference was that Fran went the extra mile and whenever I was out of the country or she was, she would offer some alternative backup i.e. emergency contact and that was so helpful knowing it was there if needed. I feel much more empowered now to make choices and decisions that agree with me and this has been down to these counseling sessions where we worked through ideas/ opinions together. I always felt safe and secure with Fran – that was really important for me" [Ms S. March 2015]

'Fran is a very empathetic, insightful and obviously highly experienced'

"Fran is a very empathetic, insightful and obviously highly experienced and qualified therapist. She's helping me address issues that are longstanding and have been painful to confront. I feel that her guidance and practical tips on coping with the sometimes negative effects of processing my concerns are vital and I have learned (and am learning) tools to help with those patterns and symptoms. She is a strong, professional ally and I am very pleased I have come across someone like her on my personal journey to feeling better and living to my full potential." [Mrs H. January 2015]

'Fran gave me the psychological tools, techniques and skills to manage my problems'

"I have been seeing Fran for several months now, initially I went to address my depression although that can be a bit of an umbrella term. Fran gave me the psychological tools, techniques and skills to manage my problems. It brought to the surface some deep rooted issues I had masked by using cannabis. Fran coached me through cutting down and then giving up the cannabis habit with advice, support, information and a game plan. Once I had given up the habit I was able to become more aware and then able to deal with my problems successfully. In short a friend recommended Fran to me and I would do the same." [Mr C. Nov 2015]

'Help with relaxation techniques and mindfulness'

"Fran is a warm and friendly counsellor who helps puts you at ease. She is professional and extremely encouraging and supportive. An aspect of her therapy is cognitive behavioural which is solution focused. I found this very useful and it helped me a lot in my daily life. Fran can also help with relaxation techniques and mindfulness, which is beneficial.

Fran is dedicated, I believe she is able to build good working relationships. When you have worked with Fran you are able to look back and see how far you have progressed.

In summary, my experience has been very positive." [Ms H. January 2014]

'My confidence is restored and I feel really optimistic about the future'

"I first visited Fran 6 months ago to discuss a couple of issues that had been affecting me and my life for a number of years. Because of these issues my confidence and self esteem was very low and I often felt stuck in my own world, with little way out and that no one could help.

Six months on, I am a different person. Initially the therapy allowed me to understand the problems I was facing and why they had been affecting me to such a degree – and it was amazing how immediate the negative opinions I had about myself changed. Through the sessions and use of techniques I have since been able to face my problems head on and I have made huge steps in overcoming barriers that have been built for me and that I have built for myself.

In addition, I have learnt an enormous amount about myself as a person, and this has helped me in other all aspects of life, being able to understand my emotions and be a far happier person. My confidence is restored and I feel really optimistic about the future.

Finally, I have always felt comfortable with the therapy and Fran has been both incredibly professional and caring throughout." [S.B. August 2010]

'Helped me to fully understand myself and change my life for the better'

"Since working with Fran I am able to take things more in my stride, I have learned the importance of looking after myself and gained the courage to put myself first in certain situations. Fran helped me to pick up on certain areas of my life which restricted me from being as happy as I deserved to be and which had the potential to cause me anxiety. I was able to choose week by week what area I wanted to focus on, and this helped me to fully understand myself and change my life for the better." [J.R. October 2010]


I have been thinking for a long time that there is something wrong with me as I feel worse now than I did when my husband left 4 years ago. I get the impression this is what people around me think too,, that I am malingering or wallowing, so felt under pressure from them to be back to 'normal'. 

Fran’s explanation yesterday of me having gone through the 'bargaining' phase made so much sense. The realisation that this is how life is now, not acceptance yet, but I feel (hope?). I am moving along the right path. Not stuck and failing as I thought I was. And as Fran said the ending of a 50 year relationship in the way it did, takes a lot of getting over. 
And Fran's suggestion of changing the word budgeting to sustainability was inspired! [R.D. July 2021]

'I feel better able to enjoy life.'

During the year or so that I saw Fran she helped me manage my mental health condition. We started to track and reflect on the recurrence of my bipolar mood shifts. Through using this tool with Fran, I was able to reassess the medications and diagnosis that I'd had for over 20 years and find the appropriate medication for my condition. Working with Fran supported me during the break up of a long term relationship and she encouraged me to make an inventory of positive qualities about myself to raise my self esteem. Now, I feel better able to enjoy life and take on its ups and downs. [Mr JB, April 2022]

'I liked the style'

I thought it would be good to work with you again as I liked the style and practical way in which you helped me before.
Many thanks [V.A. January 11th 2023]

'Fran helped me with my relationship anxiety and work stress'

When I first came to see Fran I did an assessment that showed I had high anxiety and depression, and I was suffering extreme work stress that meant I had to take time off work.

I am now almost a different person and see the world from a completely different perspective from the one I had. Soon I will return to my homeland and I feel more comfortable with my life and what's important. [Mr. B. March 2023]

'Fran understood the root of problem'

The chats we had seemed casual but Fran understood the roots of my problem and also encouraged me to turn away from my addictions for longer than I ever had. There may be lapses, but I have been helped to get back up on my feet time and time again. She is always a steady and reliable presence for me. The techniques she taught me helped me to relax and think about how I could change. [Mr B. [Builder][Seven Dials] October 2023]

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